Whilst I should be busy sweating over my Edinburgh show I have decided to take on my biggest charity attempt yet and visit every tube station on the network (including the DLR, but not the Overground, pedantry fans) on foot. I’m going to be covering about 350 miles over the space of a month, essentially meaning that on average I’ll be walking a half-marathon a day!

I’m doing this in aid of the Refugee Council as, even though we may not really notice it right now in sunny old England, Europe is currently living through the worst refugee crisis since World War Two. People just like you and me are fleeing Syria, Iraq, Eritrea and more from the utter madness that is going on there. I’m lucky enough that 75 years ago my grandparents were able to get into this country and survive with relatively little fuss. Sadly that’s not happening today. Refugees are having to walk almost the entire length of the continent in search of shelter and help – even then they are often not receiving it. The Refugee Council is a remarkable organisation that is doing its utmost to provide assistance.

I’m not walking across Europe, but walking all the way around and entire city – several times over – will hopefully highlight further the help people escaping conflict need. If you like the idea of helping and the absolute state my legs and feet are going to be in by early July, then please donate.