I’m currently in Edinburgh at the International Show-Off’s Jamboree, busy performing my third solo hour and hosting a cracking mixed bill show every single day. Apart from the 15th when I shall be curling up into the foetal position and sobbing slightly, then going to a wedding.

My main show, ‘Barbarians’, is on at 17:30 at The White Horse on Canongate from August 4th-28th and includes jokes about giraffes, Sweden, Scrooge McDuck and Islamic Fundamentalism. I got my first ever 5 star review for it, have a wee gander HERE.

And another review has popped up, a lovely 4 starsfrom Ed Fringe Review. Have a look HERE.

Meanwhile, if you fancy some good, old-fashioned, not very clean fun, you can come enjoy ‘Classic Joke Club’ in the Mata Hari room of Espionage at 13:45. At this compilation show I’m getting some of my favourite acts in Edinburgh to recall the best jokes that their Dad used to tell them, interspersed with classics from their own sets over the years.

In the run up to Edinburgh I did something spectacularly stupid, which you can still help out with. Over the course of 5 1/2 weeks I walked over 330 miles and visited every single Tube station in aid of the Refugee Council. It really hurt. I raised over £4,000 and the total is still rising, so if you fancy helping out you can still donate here!