Keep Streets Live Camden: Citizen’s Kazoo Orchestra Protest, Monday 14th October 4:30pm

This Monday I’ll be heading down to the plaza outside Camden Town tube station to join a very silly protest with a very serious reason behind it. I’ll be joining the Citizen’s Kazoo Orchestra for their debut performance in protest at Camden Council’s Draconian new licensing laws which threaten buskers with a £1000 fine and confiscation of their instruments for failure to comply. Aside from the sheer mean-spiritedness of this law – depriving professional musicians of their income and making public spaces immeasurably poorer places – it also contradicts previous agreements that busking was not a licensable activity. I’m proud to live in a musical borough and feel that this horrible piece of legislation is actually victimising some of the people who make British High Streets a wonderful place to be.

If you’re free on Monday, own a kazoo or have the means to buy one, come and join me and my merry band of kazoobadours as we try and create FAR too much paperwork for Camden Council.

Whilst you’re here, you can also find out more about the campaign at and sign the petition going to Camden Council here:

If you want to find more about the protest on Monday, check out the Facebook group for it. Please come down and drag any budding kazoodistas with you!

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